The ALTERING REALITIES release is part of the netlabel collection:Buddhist on Fire
Release Date: 2013-12-14


This record is about the impressions and the imaginations of the phenomena of hypnagogic consciousness and oneiric conditions. The sounds are a protocol or more a psychogeographical reconstruction of these images, pictures, altering realities which can be reached through methods of lucid dreaming and other psychical and body practices. The method of wake initiated lucid dreaming involves entering a lucid dream state directly from waking consciousness. The method of a dream initiated lucid dream helps to trigger a lucid dream while unconscious sleep. The hypnagogic state is then the experience of the transitional consciousness which can appear with auditive, visual and tactile hallucinations…

Recorded in Ubud, Indonesia; during a Hindu-Dharma-Procession, on the artic Kola Peninsula in Russia and Hamburg, Germany.