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Date: 2012-04-14


„Listeners will note that the music tends towards the experimental, with strong touches of electro-acoustic music and dark, wintry ambience. While listening, we visualize stark vistas of unending glaciers, cold winds cutting across broad expanses of snow, trees without leaves bending under the weight of crystalline ice, trains quietly threading their way through a vast wilderness of white, and mountain peaks jutting majestic through the clouds. The interpretation is in the ear of the beholder, of course, but we find this music both somber and uplifting, both bleak and beautiful, both moving and soothing, a sage encapsulation of all the myriad aspects of our natural and modern world. Truly, Stefan has created some of the finest abstract ambience we have heard in some time, the perfect sort of music for deep contemplation or relaxation by a crackling fire. In his music, Stefan brings to the listener what he calls „psychogeography drifts“, ambient journeys that are based on the sounds of extensive travels throughout the world, but morphed into expansive compositions that tease the senses and free the mind to dream.“