Buddhist on Fire Release: BOF-081
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BOF: „After the Buddhist On Fire Release Halo From Inside The Mountains Stefan Paulus delved deeper into a world of pre-modern rituals which take place around the area of Mt. Säntis in Switzerland. He came back with modulated field recordings of chimes, bells, sound mills, unique music techniques like Talerschwingen (Coin swinging in a bowl) or Zäuerli (an overtone voice improvisation, harmonic yodel). The similarity of these instruments, songs and techniques is that they are based on the harmonic series. The alpine herdsman explain their music practices and rituals by using the harmonic series to keep the good spirits in the surrounding and property. They try to reinforce with sound the harmonic vibrations of dead and living objects. Maybe because the separation from the sphere of the pre-modern sacred cosmology is completed in the modern days, the alpine herdsman have to renew in periodical rituals the harmonic state in the environment. They can only overcome the gap by means of mythological auxiliary constructions like the Silvesterchläuse and through their archaic techniques of ecstasy.“